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Terence Sameh Mokamby A.K.A Shadow King martial art coach nationality Cameroonian has about 8 years as a martial artist 4 years as a martial arts coach

My specialty Boxing/kickboxing/mma
Professional mma fighter working as a martial arts coach to help people achieve their fitness goals been it weight loss keep fit and improve their skills in martial art also very good in helping you achieve your dream abs
Have the ability to make client happy throughout their sessions the ability to train with any age group been it kids adults seniors highly motivated and creative skills
Can train with you in any location around Dubai been it your home park beach gyms at your convenience


Boxing training transforms the body into lean machine designed to provide a massive power-to-weight ratio. The methods applied are designed to enable the boxer to fight hard for as long as it takes, outperforming the opponent in the application of skill, strength, speed and stamina. Boxing workouts and boxing exercises to improve your fighting ability. The proper boxing training will condition you for fighting while developing your skills. Learn how to train your fighting muscles and improve your overall athleticism. Last but not least, learn how to condition your mind for battle.

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Kick Boxing

Kickboxing is a form of martial art that involves punching, kicking, and footwork. The sport incorporates moves from other types of martial arts, such as karate, as well as boxing.

There are different types of kickboxing, each with different rules. For instance, American kickboxing uses the hands and feet to make contact, while muay thai allows the elbows and knees as contact points.

Non contact kickboxing and cardio kickboxing incorporate the same footwork, kicking, and punching techniques as other types of kickboxing, but you direct punches and kicks at weight bags and hand pads instead of at a workout partner.

Kickboxing offers up a number of health benefits for people of all ages. We’ll take a look at these benefits next, along with tips on getting started.

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), also previously referred to as No-Holds Barred, Ultimate Fighting and Cage fighting, is a highly mediated contemporary, full contact combat sport. It is an amalgamation of skills and techniques drawn from a range of unarmed martial arts and combat sports that gradually developed into a new, hybrid form of sports fighting.

This process of the sportization of martial arts and combat sports, such as Judo and Karate, was paralleled by the rise in popularity of full contact combat sports, such as full contact Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai.

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Terence Sameh Mokamb

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