Kick Boxing Couples Training – 20 Sessions

AED 6,000.00 AED 5,100.00

  • Get Fit within One to One Training
  • Trained by Champions
  • Fix Your Own time to Schedule sessions
  • Save 15% on Pre Planned Sessions for couples
  • Save extra with Couples Fitness Training Sessions


Kickboxing– A Power Punch Training

It includes boxing, kicking and footwork. In simple words we can claim that it is a form of Martial Art. It is a kind of physical sports which keeps your whole body energetic as well as healthy and balanced also. Kickboxing is covered with endless variety of health and wellness benefits and that too to all the age groups.

Let’s review the health advantages of Kick Boxing-.

It will certainly Tone your whole body as while doing Kick Boxing you burn your calories and your muscular tissues start operating correctly.
Kick Boxing is a high-impact workout as well as it will shed your calories.
With routine practice of Kick Boxing you can get rid of Stress as well as other tensions will certainly not dare to come around you. All kinds of clinical depressions, stress and anxiety as well as temper will certainly steer clear of from you.
It will certainly enhance your energy degree as well as you will certainly begin really feeling active all the time.
Your body pose will certainly enhance with time and also your body will begin really feeling solid.
Kick boxing is packed with some of these advantages. So, if you want to stay in shape or trying to find some physical fitness choices then you can attempt Kick Boxing as it will certainly not just maintain your body active however additionally your mind.


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