Boxing Gloves fitdxb black

AED 350.00 AED 250.00

5.00 out of 5

50 in stock

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Weight 345 g

4 reviews for Boxing Gloves fitdxb black

  1. RAVI wijesinghe

    This glove quality is great, feels great to hand. I like the matching colors and FITDXB name. when I punch the bag doesn’t get a heavy shock to the hand.

  2. Alia

    Highly recommended their gloves, it’s super comfy to wear and materials is good

  3. irish chim naingue

    Wow! This is great gloves ever!!! Highly recommended!!!

  4. Arshia

    Excellent gloves. Now I know what ‘fits like a glove’ means 🙂 Super quality, comfortable, lightweight, doesn’t impact the hand on shock, and I wore them with a slight injured wrist.
    I highly recommend these gloves before they go out of stock!

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