Generally men over 30s can decrease the testosterone levels at any age. Over 40 men start losing !% every year (“MEN’S HEALTH” Aug 1, 2012 reported study of 1822 men) New England research institute confirmed that a men’s waist size is the strongest predictor of low testosterone levels. As testosterone is the hormone that we generally associate with larger strong, rippling muscles. The study conclusions make sense, testosterone help build muscle mass, therefore, low levels of testosterone causes to lose muscle mass, when the person lose muscle mass, fat burning levels go low due to less calories usage, therefore more fat deposits can hold on around the fat tissues by giving persons body a softer, rounder, more womanly shape.

Along with the excess belly fat, such as fatigue, depression, weakness, and hair loss can indicate the lower-than-normal testosterone level. If any person has any of these symptoms or especially in combination, low testosterone is probably the culprit.

blood test can be the best way to find out testosterone levels, Men’s testosterone level should be with in 400 – 600, but men who are lack of testosterone levels doesnt want to worry. As a medical treatment doctors may prescribe to inject or consume orally to reach normal level. Specially men over 30 need to consider eating testosterone boosting natural foods and regular muscle building exercises to stay flat tummy and healthy.

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